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Famous Surfing Beaches and Surf Breaks in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja.

Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

Monumento (Monuments)
Cabo San Lucas. Km. 6.5 Tourist Corridor, Misiones del Cabo. Tricky, breaks to the left. Experts.
Costa Azul / Zippers
San Jose del Cabo, Costa Azul, Breaks powerful to the right. Experts
San Jose del Cabo, Costa Azul, Breaks to the right. Beginners to Advanced
La Roca
San Jose del Cabo, Costa Azul, Breaks to the right. Advanced to Experts
El Tule Beach
In the middle of the Tourist Corridor, next to Chileno bay, Powerful, fast, breaks both ways, Advanced to Experts
Cerritos (Santa Lucia de los Cerritos)
Close to Todos Santos, Km. 65 Transpeninsular highway, beach break, fast, breaks both ways, beginners to Experts. Cerritos – Where untouched natural beauty remains. A dreamland of peace and tranquility where natural beauty resides. This is the beach, Santa Lucia de Los Cerritos, best known as “Cerritos”.

Del Cabo Shop

The Surfer and his board become a single element, when they are on the crest of the wave. This is how we are in the Cabos with you, a team whose essence is to offer you everything you need to satisfy your needs, we are the best Skimboard Shop in the Cabos. Specialized, passionate and attentive giving you advice on the different equipment we offer, the attention and Surfing is our passion.
As a lover of the sea and the waves that you are, in the Cabos we represent your passion for riding the waves, for this you will find in us everything for sale, rental and repair of surfboards. And if you are starting out in this beautiful world, we offer you the essential Surf lessons, with top quality professionals with whom you will learn and enjoy this exciting sport to the fullest, training, practical classes, how to use the different teams are only part of what you will learn, in addition to the passion that comes with practicing surfing, you will have classes of rescue and caution when riding the waves, safety is the most important thing apart from fun, our instructors will give you all the necessary knowledge to surf safely.
All sports must be practiced responsibly and in Los Cabos we offer you the Accessories and Surf Clothes you need to make your lifestyle in the water the most pleasant. From Sale and rental of Surfboards, boogie boards, Paddle Board, different types of boards and their respective covers, we also have a quite interesting complement of equipment and products such as clothing with Board Shorts, Hats, Tees, Surf Rash Guard of the best brands, Ding repair kit and Glass Supply special products for the repair of boards, personal care items such as cream, spray, lotions and bronzers to avoid damage by sunlight.